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Our psychologists are  experienced and offer diverse specialist skills to a variety of clients - from children to adults, families and couples. We are the largest specialist psychology practice in the south-western suburbs of Melbourne. We are not a franchise nor do we operate over multiple sites. We offer comprehensive services which are personalised to our clients and their difficulties. You are not a number to us. Your problems matter to us.

We work hard to make counselling accessible, comprehensive and effective.


What can we do for you?

We have 13 psychologists at Kaye Frankcom and Associates, with a range of approaches, methods and specialties to help you with:

Treatment in the Digital Age:
iPads in psychological treatment

Our psychologists have begun incorporating a variety of iPad apps and assessment tools into sessions, including guided meditation, mood tracking and CBT-based apps. Please speak to your psychologist if you would like to know more about the apps we use and recommend, or find out more here »

Virtual Reality Therapy:
a new psychotherapeutic approach

Many of our psychologists have begun offering Virtual Reality Therapy to clients as an adjunct to work done in session. VRT has been proven to be an effective method of psychotherapy that uses virtual reality technology to treat anxiety disorders and phobias, and is one of the primary treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Find out more about VRT »

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Call us on (03) 9397 0977 or contact us to request an initial phone consultation. During this discussion we will:

  • Explain how counselling works and discuss any concerns or questions about psychological treatment
  • Get a detailed understanding of your problems and what you are wanting to achieve from your counselling
  • Explain how Medicare rebates can help reduce your expenses

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