If you want to get your head around the change that is ahead, and particularly if you have more years ahead in our workforce than you have achieved to date, I would encourage you to consider developing your own personal Board of Directors (BOD).

This idea of a personal BOD is that we all need to have a safe place to be challenged and supported and to have people who can look outside the obvious and help us to take calculated risks and to extend ourselves.

You may have people in your current circle of support who can fulfill multiple roles. These should include:

  • the Trusted advisor (the person who you can go to when you have a problem),
  • a teacher or coach (who can help you learn about yourself),
  • a cheerleader (often a family member or friend who supports you),
  • an elder or guide (someone to go to for sound advice), a creative or innovator (who you can explore new ideas with)
  • an insightful person (someone from outside who has a novel perspective).

In private psychology practice, everyone needs a network and a model of care for the practice. They go hand in hand.

If you are interested in these ideas, check out my online course on private practice.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash