FAQs about Business Coaching and Mentoring

What does it offer?
I offer an individualised service that will assess your business or practice goals and to help you attain them. This could mean growing your practice in terms of staff and referrals or it may mean doing what you are doing better, more effectively and more efficiently. We can look at clinical aspects of your practice, policies and procedures and how to automate work practices to help you to work on the things you enjoy and are good at rather than being bogged down with aspects of practice management that are a struggle.
Can I afford it?
I offer a no cost first meeting for you to discuss with me what your needs are for us to work out whether I am the right person for you. There is no sales pitch and our conversation is confidential. I am not a competitor, but I have a wealth of knowledge and resources that I can share with you to further your goals.
What is business coaching or mentoring?
Many psychologists are prepared to pay for supervision to get advice or discuss a client issue but would not consider the need to provide support and coaching to themselves in operating a business. Given the lack of business training that we have at University, many psychologists have developed their approach to practice in an indiosyncratic and ad hoc fashion but don’t often discuss their business dilemmas with another psychologist who is there to support them, provide a different perspective on the challenges of practice and business operations and help the find a way forward. This is my role as your business coach and mentor.
How does this differ from supervision?
Firstly, it is not client centered. The focus of our conversations is you. What do you want to achieve in your practice? How are you coping with Medicare compliance? What clinical governance do you have in place (e.g. policies and procedures) that helps your practice run smoothly and manages risk? How would you know whether what you were doing in your practice (clinically and in terms of work practices) was effective or efficient? And the list of questions goes on. These are the questions that can keep us awake at night. Share them with me and together we can find answers that are tailored to you and your practice and business goals.
Why wouldn’t I just talk about this with my accountant or other business advisors?
It is vital that you have independent advice from experts such as accountants, lawyers, financial planners etc. However often the missing component is an understanding of psychology practice and the work that we as psychologists do. I have operated successful psychology practices that made a profit. I have managed practitioners and administrative staff. I understand the environment in which we are working and the demands of government, Medicare, compensation schemes, AHPRA, and PHNs to just mention a few of the regulators who require certain clinical standards and business practices to be in place. I have been on the Psychology Board of Victoria and the Psychology Board of Australia and seen complaints where things went very wrong for clients and for the psychologist in question. I bring all of that experience plus 30+ years of practice to the table. I have your back and am in your corner.