Psychology private practice

Do you have what you need to run a healthy, thriving psychology practice?

How would you rate your business smarts?

Are you compliant with all of the regulations and standards?

What know-how do you need to succeed with your practice?

Did you know


of psychologists are likely to be the subject of a complaint over a 30-year career


Top Complaints

Poor communication and record-keeping
Professional incompetence
Poor business practices

How to get

The practice of your dreams

Online Course

Fit to Practice

This online course is made those starting out in private practice, solo practitioners and those looking to scale up. If you want to take the next step. This is for you.

Exploring the key domains of practice

  • Client focussed activities
  • Psychologist effectiveness
  • Leading and managing the practice
  • Business sustainability and compliance

Who is Kaye Frankcom?

Meet Kaye

Private psychology requires vision, clinical expertise, leadership, and business acumen.

You need someone who has the clinical, business, and the health sector experience to support you and help you grow your practice in the direction that you value.

I am that person.

Make the change

Work with Kaye

Coaching & Mentoring

Business coaching and mentoring has become a speciality for me. I wrote a book about setting up a psychology private practice (Fit to Practice) which was based on 30 years of psychology practice management. I have worked as a solo practitioner, with a business partner in a regional setting and as a group practice manager for 17 years in Williamstown, a suburb of Melbourne operating Kaye Frankcom& Associates, a seven-figure turnover practice.

Specialist Consultancy

Supervision with me can encompass case presentation, developing the supervisee’s ability to work effectively with a range of client presentations, viewing videos of their work together, reviewing everything from clinical assessment to case formulation and treatment planning.

Key Insights from Kaye