Whether you’re just starting out in private practice, or you’ve been a private practitioner for years, managing a private practice is challenging.

There is so much to be on top of –  compliance, governance, finding the right workforce and wondering what is the next change that will affect your business.

You have to juggle multiple demands and can feel that there aren’t enough hours in a day to do everything that is required.

The Private Practice MBA program will give you the insights you need to move your health practice forward.

Introducing the
Private Practice

Accepting students this May!

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You will have myself and Natasha Ace from Private Practice Alliance.

We are a combined powerhouse of experience and we know how to run profitable businesses

About Kaye Frankcom

Kaye is the “go to” person for her profession of psychology.

Kaye combines business smarts and leadership in her role as a business coach and supervisor to the mental health professions. She ran a successful group psychology practice in Melbourne for 17 years and sold it. She has written two books on private practice.

Kaye has been in health regulation, wrote the Private Practice Management Standards for Private Psychology and is a Fellow of the APS. She has been involved in senior roles in PHNs, Local government and is a Graduate of the AICD.

She works as a business coach with small and large psychology practices across Australia as a mentor and coach and is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Deakin University.

About Natasha Ace

Natasha Ace is the founder of Private Practice Alliance, where she helps private practice owners develop their dream practice and make a profit. She also provides administrative services for private practice practitioners, together with her team, when she opened Ace Private Practice.

With an experience spanning 20 years of establishing practitioners in private practice and working with thousands of psychologists, she has been the go-to person for private practice owners who need help around strategy, administration, contractor, and client engagement.

As an MBA holder with decades of exposure to different private practice scenes, she understands all aspects of managing and running a business and making a profit.

Learning Outcomes

  • ​A new tailored approach to leadership, people, and culture in your practice
  • Financial skills, business analysis methods, strategy and project management competence
  • Compliance, governance and reporting processes in the bag
  • A deep understanding of marketing knowledge and skills ready to be applied
  • Operations principles and frameworks that can be implemented with ease
  • Digital health, digital marketing and the strategic use of AI and other technologies

Be the first to know when the Private Practice MBA starts accepting students


Read our privacy policy.