Coaching & Mentoring

Business coaching and mentoring has become a speciality for me.

I wrote a book about setting up a psychology private practice (Fit to Practice) which was based on 30 years of psychology practice management. I have worked as a solo practitioner, with a business partner in a regional setting and as a group practice manager for 17 years in Williamstown, a suburb of Melbourne operating Kaye Frankcom & Associates, a seven-figure turnover practice.

My passion is to help you to become the best practitioner and business person you can be.

I describe it as the N=1 approach:
One practitioner at a time
One client at a time
One practice at a time

So firstly, it is helping you to realise your clinical excellence and to be able to practice effectively across a range of clients. This can mean considering ways of improving your business practice and clinical governance. Clinical Governance is about having the right policies and procedures in place for your practice to achieve your goals as a practitioner and business owner, to have the right balance in your business and life as well as be compliant with business standards and best practice clinical standards.

My services are tailored to your needs. I can conduct a business and practice audit, I can meet with you at your practice, via Zoom, or at my rooms depending on what suits you.

Some practitioners combine my supervision services with business coaching and mentoring and careers counselling. Others see me only as a coach and mentor and source supervision and peer consultation elsewhere. The choice is yours.

The reason you should choose me as your coach is that the resources that I have gathered over 30 years of practice are available to you as required and our sessions are specific to your needs and allow you to discuss issues affecting you as a practitioner and business owner in the privacy of your office or mine. There is no ‘hard sell’ and all of our conversations are focused on you and your practice.