There are four effective habits you can cultivate as a practice director in private practice psychology which will make a difference to your job satisfaction, effectiveness in a number of ways, and your bottom line.

  1. Learn to collaborate. Goal consensus with clients and with clinicians who work for or with you is likely to improve the outcomes for clients and the culture of your practice.
  2. Measure what you value whether that is business analytics, client progress in your care, or adherence to clinical standards and evidence-based practice. Take pride in that effort to monitor and audit and reflect on the learnings and potential improvements that can flow
  3. Leadership and enhancing culture are the most effective ways of developing your workforce. Authentic support and focus on the growth of your staff will attract and impress others to join you.
  4. Connect. The old saying is: what goes around comes around. Take up volunteer roles in your community and professional networks. Be gracious and think of others, As Brene Brown says: blame is simply discharging of discomfort and pain.

Use your psychologist skills and capacities to stay calm, maintain perspective in situations that are trying and exhausting in your workplace. Reach out and seek support for yourself. Be compassionate with yourself and your exhaustion in these pandemic and disaster-affected times. These too will pass.