I am primarily developing with the person. I am coaching a deep appreciation of their psychology practice and their overall approach to their clinical work and their practice. This creates a platform to review and evaluate how they think they are travelling vis a vis their own goals.

In my coaching and supervision of psychologists over the years I have found that it is “not a one size fits all” deal. I want to help you move along a transformative process that is individualised to you. It is not about me or becoming like me (what I call the “sitting at the foot of Buddha” syndrome where a supervisor or coach is trying to mold you in their own image e.g. a ‘mini me’).

My aim is to help you grow and develop in the free market that is private psychology practice. To help you to create frameworks in business and clinically that serve your practice and create longevity in your career. I want to share with you what I developed in 30+ years of practice so that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

It is about developing and moving you down a path with identifiable goals and ways of measuring your progress as you evolve into the best psychologist and practice operator you can be. Regular consultations (usually at least monthly) are in my experience the most effective way to keep the conversation and the movement forward occurring. It increases your accountability to your own goals and development by keeping the foot on the accelerator but not in such a way that it is overwhelming. With me on board, you are not alone. No question or query is too small or unimportant. I have your back. I hope that you will join for coaching.